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We are an Independent Third Party Inspection Service company working on behalf of our valuable customers, as your Quality control partner to secure your Imports on by performing the job with our Core Values.

  • High Integrity
  • Impartiality & Reliable
  • Precision & Accuracy
  • Ethical & Professionalism
  • Timely & Efficient

The complete actual findings will be mentioned in the RSJ report and sent to the customer within 24 working hours ( Inspection Reports ) & 72 working hours ( Audit Reports ) to take decision regarding their shipment / Factory. We can make sure for planning and conducting the Inspections / Audits in any factories by reaching within 48 hours of service booking in Base locations.

Coverage: We are working for the product quality Inspections in various countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and China, (Shortly extending to all Asia) by covering wide range of consumer goods (except food products) for the detailed view on product range, please click on below link

We have well-trained and qualified professional team of detailed in-depth knowledge in products and Inspection techniques. We do all customized Protocols and detailed RSJ Report format which are pre-filled as per our customer specifications at least a day before of the inspection date, to eliminate the chance for any loop hole against requirements and specifications of customer to perform the inspection / audit on floor. The Customized pre-filled Protocol will be handed over to our Quality Control officers to go through all requirements of customer thoroughly in advance. This will help the Quality Control officers to understand the customer's requirements well, and to carry out the Inspection in well efficiently, accurately, in an effective manner.

We use all advanced inspection kits (tools) to eliminate equipment errors and monitor the records of calibrations. Beyond all this, we have developed a system to monitor the performance of our quality control officer's work efficiently from desk to floor. To know more please visit our local office.

RSJ have its own online Portal system, it gives the user Id, password will be created and given for to each individual customer, and this will help the customer to know the actual status on up to date from the beginning stage of tie up date with RSJ. Customer can review the required details like Invoice, pricing details, booking forms, previous completed Inspection reports, Recognized certifications, etc. within a few seconds in easy manner , this system helps the customer to track completely about our working standards, procedures and their order status.

Our service charge is comparatively lesser than other inspection services & best competitive in the market. We put in our best efforts to meet or exceed the customer requirements without affecting the quality or service standard and delivery timings. This is key to our success. We entered as a very small player and beating now big players in the market.