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QualSure™-Product Certification

QualSure is an independent third party product certification scheme. The prerequisite for this certification is that manufacturers, distributors, users and consumers can rely on to facilitate trade, market access, fair competition and consumer acceptance of products on a national, regional and international level. Qualsure certification also empowers the user by improving their quality management system.

This enable all the Manufacturer, Importer/ Exporter, Brand owner, Trader and Online Shopping portals to rest in assurance that all their products are traded worldwide and the services performed are meeting the standard requirements.

The core purpose of QualSure is to assist clients and customers to differentiate quality products in the market, place and make informed purchasing decisions.

Why QualSure?

QualSure product certification process is an effective mechanism for assessing compliance with regulations and standards addressing safety, quality and other product characteristics. The certification allows the licensees to use the QualSure mark as prescribed in the scheme.


* Boost up confidence to user.
* Support your company promotion with strong statements.
* Minimize complaints and returns.
* Reliable and long-term quality assurance at the highest level with neutral assessment processes.
* Strengthen your company's success on the market with neutrally-inspected / assessed / tested quality product.
* Shows your commitment towards quality.

Who is it for?

In the market, there is no differentiation for the product in terms of Quality. Highly promoted / advertised brands have higher prices and reputation. All the consumers cannot afford higher prices product. However, consumers should not suffer with the poor quality product even though the price is nominal. We do purchase a lot of unfamiliar brands. Even though few unfamiliar brands make good quality products but not able to become familiar in the market as there is no recognition / promotion with respect to the quality.

QualSurestandards are developed in alignment with International Standardsand well known retailer / brands standards. QualSure schemes and standards developed considering the unfamiliar brands to well known brands, small factory to composite units and supply chain dynamics.

* Manufacturer.
* Importer / Exporter.
* Brand Owner.
* Trader.
* Online shopping portals.

Products cover:

Knitted and crocheted fabrics Workwear
Home textiles Other outerwear
Carpets and rugs Underwear
Leather clothes Other wearing apparel and accessories

QualSure Product Certification Scheme operates in an impartial, non-discriminatory and transparent manner. QualSure maintains a very high degree of confidentiality and integrity among its personnel who perform certification related tasks.

Functional approach:

Application and review:Planning and preparation activities in order to collect or produce all theinformation and input needed for the subsequent determination function.

Determination:Conformity assessment activities such as testing, measuring,inspection, design appraisal, assessment of services and processes and auditing to provide information regarding the product requirements as input to the review and attestation functions;

Review:Verification of the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of selection anddetermination activities, and the results of these activities, with regard to fulfilment of specified requirements (see ISO/IEC 17000:2004, 5.1);

Decision: On certification

Attestation:Issue of a statement of conformity, based on a decision following review,that fulfilment of specified requirements has been demonstrated (see ISO/IEC 17000:2004)

Surveillance (Only for 4b):Systematic iteration of conformity assessment activities as a basis for maintaining the validity of the statement of conformity (see ISO/IEC 17000:2004, 6.1).


QualSure offers two type of schemes, 1b and 4. Scheme details as follows:

1b scheme- Certification of a whole lot of products, following selection and determination as specified in the scheme. The proportion to be tested can be 100% testing or application of a sampling plan, whichever appropriate as per scheme. If the outcome of the determination, review and decision is positive, all items in the lot may be described as certified and may have a mark of conformity affixed, if that is included in the scheme.

4 scheme- The surveillance part of this scheme allows periodically taking samples of the product from the production, or from the market, or from both, and subjecting them to determination activities to check that items produced subsequent to the initial attestation fulfil the specified requirements. The surveillance includes periodic assessment of the production process.

S.No. Criteria 1b 4
1. Assessment of organization Quality Management system and its
capability and consistently supply products conforming to specified requirements
2. Testing, inspection or comparable verification of the products conformity to
scheme criteria and specified requirements
3. Suitable surveillance scheme to ensure continual conformity to specified requirements
of products supplied by the organization
4. Control of the mark of conformity and / or logo X X

Please contact QualSure for detailed scheme information.