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I) Submission of application

1) PSA sends filled application form (RSJ_star_FT_03) to RSJ.Please click here to download application form.
2) RSJ reviews the application for completeness and sends audit plan & fees details to PSA
3) PSA confirms audit plan & completes fees payment formalities.
4) Please click here download Certification fees.

II) Certification Planning / Audit Execution:

1) RSJ selects auditors according to competence & carries out Stage 1 audit to judge the adequacy of the system to meet requirements of applicable level criteria.
2) Stage 2 audits shall be to verify compliance to the applicable certification criteria at that level, regulatory requirements, verification of documents and records, and interviews with personnel involved in various relevant activities.

III) Grant of certification

1) RSJ’s Certification Review Committee takes decision regarding grant of certification if PSA complies with requirements of STAR scheme certification on the basis of Stage 1 & Stage 2 Audits.
2) Facilitation by RSJ for signing of agreement between QCI & PSA regarding Rules for use of certification mark.

IV) Maintaining Certification

1) PSA will maintain the compliance to requirements of STAR scheme certification.
2) RSJ checks for PSA level of compliance by annual surveillance audit.

V) Recertification

1) Certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of issue of certification.
2) After 3 years the whole cycle is repeated for recertification.

VI) Suspension / Withdrawal of certification

1) If Certified PSA contravenes the terms and conditions of certification and provisions of the STAR scheme certification, the certificate shall be suspended or withdrawn by RSJ .

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