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At the present time many Govt. Authorities/ Hospitals are buying surgical masks due to the COVID-19 outbreak. without knowing much about the quality & risk of product. If you are in that pain, here is your pain reliver. Contact us to get detailed quality inspection and get free from the worries.

The quality of masks should be rigorously checked to prevent defective products from making it to the market, including checking for flaws such as embedded hair or stains, measuring the width of the mask, checking for the presence of straps, and determining that the straps are correctly attached to the mask. Presence of any such non-conformity in Shipment may get directly impact on Users and surrounding people’s health. Which will lead to risk of disease and increase in pandemics.

We are supporting Government Agencies & other customers by verifying right product Quality to dispatch from supplier’s place before it reaches to users’ hand. Our technical experts and customized inspection checklist provide detailed inspection report. which will help you to deliver the right quality product at right time.

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