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Evaluating a current or potential supplier, Factory Evaluation services will provide you & know about the detailed information on Manufacturer of your Product.

In sourcing global manufacturers or products it can be difficult to evaluate manufacturing sites all over INDIA. It is very essential to know that you are sourcing a manufacturing site that employs better quality systems and good manufacturing processes. RSJ has all well trained Auditors equipped with the updated techniques can provide accurate details of the Manufacturer infront of Customer to decide on further actions. The Factory Evaluation ensures that the appropriate suppliers are being selected and that the Customers Quality requirements are understood and been met to Specifications.

To Evaluate & Investigate on Complete factory details like

Production Capacities & Capabilities Metal Contamination Prevention Tool

  • Machineries
  • Facilities
  • Equipments
  • Manpower
  • Manufacturing Process
  • An Assessment of It's Internal Quality System
  • House Keeping
  • Major Markets & Products
  • Customer's Handled