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Techniques used are based on simplified and modified ISO 9001 systems.


The audit process includes:-
Opening meeting

An opening meeting is conducted with the senior management / factory representative(s) to let them know the scope and methodology of the audit, any assistance documents required from them during the audit.


Factory tour

A factory tour is conducted to observe the manufacturing processes, procedures, process controls and overall general work place conditions. Interaction with employees during the factory tour or after the tour is a part of the audit process.


Employee interviews

Auditors interview a representative sample of workers in a non-conspicuous area, without the presence of management and talk with them freely about the work place conditions.


Documentation review

Auditor reviews relevant documents and records in support of the factory’s systems and procedures in place.


Closing meeting with the senior management

A closing meeting is held with the senior management / factory representative(s) to let them know and discuss about the audit findings. The management is free to express their views and concerns on any issue pertaining to the audit during the closing meeting. The management / factory representative(s) will sign a copy of the audit findings in acknowledgement of the receipt of the findings and propose their corrective action plan, where necessary.

Technical Audit