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What is Factory Audit?

It is a systematic analysis conducted by an expert at the supplier's facility to assess the supplier's quality assurance system, capacity and their ability to meet various requirements of the buyer. The auditor examines manufacturing processes, process controls & supplier control systems to make an honest appraisal of their potential and worthiness.

The scope of the factory audits is very wide. In broad terms we can categorize it as follows :-

  1. Social Audit - Refer this link for more details about this audit.
  2. Factory Audit (Technical) - Read this page to know more about Technical audit

Some common names used for Factory Audit (Technical) are as below :-

  • Factory Evaluation (FE)
  • Vendor Factory Evaluation (VFE)
  • Factory Capacity and Capability Audit (FCCA)
  • Factory Quality Audit (FQA)
  • Quality System Audit (QSA)

Technical Audit