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Fabric InspectionConduct Inspections For Greige or Finished Fabric Following the International Standards of 4 Point System or 10 Point System Accordingly as per the Customer Requirements.

Fabric Inspection is systematic observation of fabrics to decide whether it meets: Client’s specification in terms of count/construction, color, design, measurement specifications, hand/feel and other specific quality parameters laid down by the clients.

The Client will select the appropriate fault rate and standard to determine the acceptance of each shipment. This will minimize the quantity of panels or garments rejected for fabric faults, thereby ensuring the quality of the finished goods. Fabric inspection is also considered as pre-production inspection for garments or other textile products.

What we require to conduct this fabric inspection?

We need the following to conduct the Fabric inspection.

  1. Duly filled Inspection booking form
  2. Approved samples/ swatches
  3. Quality Manual (Includes)
    1. Tolerance (Fabric Width, weight, Construction etc).
    2. Light source (Primary and Secondary).
    3. Minimum Spice Length, Maximum / Minimum Roll Length etc.
    4. Acceptable point count per roll : ……… points per 100 meters or yards.
    5. Acceptable average shipment points : ……points per 100 meters or yards.
  4. Packing details
  5. Factory need to provide “Fabric Inspection Machine”

How to Book a Fabric Inspection?

Please mail us the above information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior 3 working days of Inspection date to book an Inspection. Our operation Team will get back to you within 24 hours in working days.