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Company Profile

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Service Confirmation Forms

DownloadForm 106-Final Random Inspection Confirmation Form

DownloadForm 6C-Final Random Inspection Confirmation Form-China

DownloadForm 1A-Inspection Confirmation Form-Others

DownloadForm 1C-Inspection Confirmation Form-China

DownloadForm 109-Container Loading Confirmation Form

DownloadForm 2C-Container Loading Confirmation Form-China

DownloadForm 3A-Audit Confirmation Form-Others

DownloadForm 3C-Audit Confirmation Form-China

DownloadForm 101-Fabric Inspection Confirmation Form-Others

DownloadForm 4C-Fabric Inspection Confirmation Form-China

DownloadForm 111-Colour Evaluation Booking Form

DownloadForm #102-Pre Production Inspection Confirmation Form.pdf

DownloadForm # 103-First Artile Inspection Confirmation Form

DownloadForm 104-During Production Inspection Confirmation Form

DownloadForm 105-100% Inspection Confirmation Form

DownloadForm 107 -1st Re-Final Random Inspection Confirmation Form

DownloadForm 108-2nd Re-Final Random Inspection Confirmation Form

DownloadForm 110-Container Loading with product Inspection Confirmation Form

DownloadForm # 112-Sample Evaluation Inspection Confirmation Form

RSJ General Terms And Conditions

DownloadRSJ General Terms And Conditions


DownloadDownload AQL Table

DownloadPrice List For India

DownloadPrice List For China, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

DownloadPresentation on RSJ-Factory Confirmation

DownloadPresentation on RSJ-Inspection Process Flow

DownloadPresentation On Container Loading Inspection

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DownloadFINAL RANDOM INSPECTION (Pre Shipment Inspection)

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